On the second floor, there is a cafeteria that offers panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean .

On beautiful clear days, an amazing figure of Tokushima in Shikoku Island far beyond the sea can be seen.


Seats (Japanese style)
There are Japanese style seats on the second floor .
Enjoy your meal with viewing scenary of the Pacific Ocean .

Seats (Tables)
We offer table seats .
From table seats, Senjojiki is beautifully viewed .

At Senjo-Chaya
At Senjojaya, you can find full of Shirahama's specialities to buy .

Souvenir for Shirahama tour
For your memories of Shirahama .Please come and see Senjojaya .

Panda dolls
Shirahama is famous for pandas!!

Hotateni (boiled scallops)
Hotateni scallops is a best match with Shirahama's local "Nagisa" beer.

Kagero (sweets)
Ingredients are carefully selected. Kagero is good from babies to the olds .

Yuzu Monaka
Yuzu citrus is organically grown locally . Crunchy wafer cake filled with yuzu flavoured red bean jam .

Usukawa Manjyu
Japanese traditional cake with thin skin and red bean jam .

Wakayama Ramen (noodle in soup)
Taste of a long-establised house of local noodle maker .
Noodle with collagen is good for skin and tastey soup of tonkotsu shoyu, pork bone and soy-bean souce .

Kishu Mikan (tangerine)
Wakayama is very famous for tangerine, Kishu mikan . Fresh taste of local .

Nagisa Beer (local beer)
Real taste for those know real value . Nagisa beer, local beer, is from Nanki-Shirahama .

Umeboshi (plum pickles)
Plum of Wakayama is high quality. Big, small seeds and tasty .

Kuroame Nachiguro (candy)
Nachiguro candy is made of best quality brown sugar. The sugar is made of sugarcane from Amani Island .

Table Seats:42 seats, 7 tables for 6 8 seats, 2 tables for 4 50 seats, total

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